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I am Dorota Markowska, a hugely passionate lifestyle family photographer living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. It is my passion for photography which I would like to share with you and your family. I love nothing more than capturing your family’s story and to give you the chance to save those precious moments forever.

I am a happy wife and a mum of two beautiful girls who are my world. We love to travel, we could go anywhere and be totally happy as long as we are together. We love walking in the woods, splashing in mud, walking along the beach, the mountains, smiling together and cuddling by the sunset.

But, there is one thing which I treasure the most – childhood. I remember when my first child was born, I wanted to keep this moment of happiness forever and this is when my passion for photography was born. This incredible and magical time of seeing your gift of nature for the first time, their first smile and then first steps, moments of discovering the world and curiosity, first birthdays and playing in the park with a whole family.

I am able to capture all of those moments for you and you can then keep forever. I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and most importantly, make sure we all have fun. That is what my photography is all about. See you on the photo shoot!

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